What Our Customers Say About Us

I have used Dorian Bahr for a number of projects from a front walkway, a covered patio, a re- faced fireplace, lighting, and a major master bath renovation.  Each project was turn-key with Curtis directing all phases.  The quality of the services  that he and his employees provided were more than excellent.  When we approached Curtis with the bathroom project, we knew that we wanted a drastic change but had no real ideas as to a design nor how a project of this magnitude should proceed.  Curtis took charge, giving us four design options to choose from.    The first thing that he did was to have me select fixtures and stone with him taking me to various sites, sometimes in the Design District, to make those selections.  He made suggestions, but made sure that I was satisfied with what was chosen.  He is a master at coordinating the arrival of materials and scheduling work so that everything flowed in an orderly manner on a daily basis.  Each day he up-dated me on the schedule for that day.  His employees arrived on time and were very professional.  Curtis made sure that the job-site was kept as clean as possible and covered the floors that would be the worker’s pathway.  Mid-way through the project, he had a cleaning person come to clean some of the dust away and when the project was complete, he had the cleaning done again.  One of the things that impressed me most about Curtis, was how thorough and detail oriented he was.  He never hesitated to make changes if needed and made sure that we were totally satisfied with every aspect, and was open to any questions or suggestions that we had.  He was on hand to supervise as needed, sometimes spending the entire day or most of the day on site. The project was fairly lengthy but, in spite of the dust, pleasant.  I honestly cannot think of anyone who would have done this project in the manner that Dorian Bahr did.  I tell my friends and acquaintances about the outstanding job that they do.  I love their work and the people that they are.

-Gwen & Roy Turner

My husband and I have lived in Richland Park for 30 years.  We’ve done some minor improvements throughout the years, but nothing huge.  For awhile we had been discussing updating our kitchen and finally had several bids made on the job.  Just about that time, our Homeowner’s Association newsletter came out and we saw an ad for DorianBahr.  The bids that we had were from the companies that pretty much work from cookie cutter plans and we assumed that a quote from DorianBahr would be way over our budget, but since the company is in our neighborhood, we decided it couldn’t hurt.

To our delight, the bid was in line with the others BUT the important difference was that Curtis Dorian worked with us to customize our kitchen makeover.  He spent time showing us all of our options and customized everything to our satisfaction.  He is not only talented, but professional, and easy to work with.  If we felt uncomfortable about anything, he took the time to listen and discuss all options and was very conscientious about working with the budget that we had presented.  We highly recommend DorianBahr!

-Bob and Gaitha Castleman, Richland Park

We first contacted Dorian Bahr to take a look at our “dated” kitchen. From the first meeting they were not only very professional but it was clear they knew their stuff and had a passion for it.  Curtis, the interior designer and contractor, threw some beautiful ideas at us and we loved them. His ideas for space were things we never considered.the-baileys Michael, showed us his vision for the kitchen.  He managed to put in the elements we wanted along with his own slant. We now have a beautiful, functional, practical and “model home” looking kitchen with our own touch.

Would I recommend Dorian Bahr to family and friends?
Well, we just concluded our 7th improvement project with Dorian Bahr. Custom to your liking, detailed oriented, designer fabrics, and the knowledge about the Dallas areas designer showrooms and products…that’s what Dorian Bahr brings to the table.

Dorian Bahr is professional, laid back, respectful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Their intern, Bridget, is a breath of fresh air.  We truly looked forward to seeing her every day and having her explain to us what was going to happen that day. We still have 2 major jobs to come later this year.

Every room in our house has been blessed with the Dorian Bahr fingerprint. My wife and I have been using Dorian Bahr for the last 3 years for ALL our home improvement needs. We’ve gotten other bids at certain times, just to test the waters, but we have always, and will continue to use Dorian Bahr. My wife and I find ourselves looking for other projects so we can once again contact Dorian Bahr…what can I say, we miss them and their crew.

-The Baileys

What Our Interns Say About Us

I had a great experience interning at Dorian Bahr. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I was able to work on a residential client project as well as helpKamil oversee a small portion of a flip project.

Everything I was told I’d be working on before I started was what I actually worked on once I started.  I was also able to get an overview of the Dorian Bahr Textile line, which was interesting and enlightening.  I would love to specify some of their mohair fabrics, washable velvets, and sheers for a future project. Curtis Dorian (Owner and CEO) has a wealth of knowledge and I would have liked more time with him to pick his brain.

-Kamil (Art Institute of Dallas)

During my internship at Dorian Bahr, I had the pleasure to work with an amazing staff over the course of two mouths. Despite the professional environment, there was an informal k'ranatmosphere that made me feel very comfortable and at home. Interning at Dorian Bahr gave me the opportunity to be immersed in my preferred career path and to realize what happens behind the scenes of a fabric company, outside of what I know from school. I was also able to test myself in a business setting, which helped me gain clarity on my strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Everyone was very supportive and helped me with any question I had concerning information I had not yet learned. I think the most valuable aspect of this internship was the projects I was able to work on. My manager gave me the responsibility of many meaningful hands-on projects that were substantially contributing to the company, which is not something you always expect from an internship. I would advise anyone with an interest in textile production and design to apply for an internship at Dorian Bahr.

-Ka’Run (Art Institute of Dallas)

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