Curtis Dorian & Michael Bahr reimagine DorianBahr as a lifestyle brand. rotation-stripe

It is a new day for DorianBahr, a 22-year-old luxury fabric brand. Since 1994, its fabrics have graced interiors from the Ritz Carleton to the Four Seasons and made its way to many homes and offices throughout the world.

With a reinvigorated vision and a goal of becoming a lifestyle brand, the brand has been expanding into new areas including; product design and development for drapery panel designs, pillows, and most recently faux fur throws. Other related products are also in the works.

Since we began in 1994, DorianBahr’s managing partners; President, Curtis Dorian and VP-Design Director, Michael Bahr have put focus on revitalizing the brand, which had been described as “near extinction.”

What does this unique product vantage point bring to DorianBahr and the new vision?

mission-statementWe’re redesigning some of our older archives and decided our job was to make the archives come alive. To see, touch and feel the fabrics; we developed a different level of respect and admiration. The brand has been part of monumental projects over its history. There is a legacy here of motif, woven’s, textures, pattern and restraint of color. We set out to reenergize these classics through re-coloring and rescaling them for today.

The houses being decorated now are of different proportions. The ceilings are taller, the volume of rooms is different, and the way spaces are being used is varied. Rooms have multiple purposes and identities. Reflecting societal shifts; great rooms open into kitchens and there is less formality. The majorities of our fabrics are now washable and serviceable and some are made for indoor and outdoor uses. Our wish is for DorianBahr is to become a global lifestyle brand.

What are the core qualities of the brand and its iconic history that give it so much potential? Why is this the right time for the brand to turn a corner?

We have a treasure trove here that inspires so many designers, past and present. The brand is so versatile and it lends itself to these extensions. We like to say the best is yet to come and we are honored to be a part of this mission.


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